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Sharon Rooney Ross

What I bring to our conversations to help you get things DONE:


I am a certified coach with Coach Training Alliance.  This means I have studied a very specific way of having a conversion to help others uncover their own answers.  You have the power and answers within you.  My job as a coach is to ask provoking questions and provide additional perspectives to help you define your goals and plan of action.  I also provide the accountability for you to keep taking action towards those goals.

Project Manager

My education and experience is in information systems and in marketing.  I have corporate experience successfully running large technology projects in the financial industry.  This experience has shaped my thoughts on how to effectively get projects done.  It is what helps me ask a better question.

Mom and wife

Yes, I know, most people say wife and mother.  I do frequently see myself as a mother first.  I see it as a greater responsibility as I helped create these new humans and by doing so took on the task of training them.  My husband is my partner in that and in life.  As he is a war veteran who has been deployed twice, my viewpoint on motherhood only has grown stronger. As my children have grown older, my training of them has become more coaching.

Yoga Instructor

Balance and flexibility is important when getting things done.  Being a certified yoga instructor provides a deeper understanding of the calmness and mindfulness needed to do so.

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What is Coaching?

There are a lot of programs out there that are labeled coaching, but they aren't, really.  They are really training and self-help programs.  These are great, heck, we offer some.  They are NOT coaching though.


Coaching is personal interaction. A coach knows you individually. You have conversations with a coach. You can be working towards a goal directly, or sometimes not (but that skirts a line with therapy and your coach BETTER know the difference). A coach gives you feedback.  When you work with a coach,  a coach can

  • ask you thought provoking questions and listen

  • help you define your goals

  • hold you accountable

  • cheer you on

  • brainstorm ideas


Do remember though - you do the work.  This is a good thing because you gain the results of that work.

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