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Unlock the Power of Your Website: 5 Essential Strategies for Success

To make sure your website works for you and your potential customers, look to have these included:

1. Get Your Visitor's Email Addresses

This is also known as a Lead Magnet. This can be a report, a newsletter subscription, a membership or something else that your audience would be willing to give you their email address. This should definitely be of value to them, but doesn't have to be a big item. This is to start the relationship with them.

2. Give Your Visitors A Way to Schedule Time with You

Do you have an online appointment calendar where people can schedule, reschedule, or cancel meetings with you? There are several "free to start" options available. One popular one is Calendly

3. Help Your Visitors Get to Know Why You Are Great

"It is a poor frog that won't croak in its own pond"

Do you have a short eBook to offer as a lead magnet? Have you been interviewed by others in your industry? Do you have blog? All of these help establish creditability. Add this to testimonials - and you have a formula to help your visitors be confident in your ability to help them.

4. Make It Easy for Your Visitors to Spend Money with You

This comes in two major of forms - eCommerce (an online store) and Funnels (a customer journey through a series of web pages that results in a sale). Remember, you don't have a business if you don't have an income that exceeds your expenses, because that would be a hobby. For most businesses, that income is from sales.

5. Make It Easy to Have Questions Answered

No matter how well you craft your message, your visitors are going to have questions. You should have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or section for those common questions that come up. You will also want a way for people to send you questions that haven't been answered some place else.

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