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Unleash Your Purpose: 5 Tips to Define Crystal-Clear Goals for Success

Whether you want to set goals for your business or your personal life, defining clear, concise goals is very important. Without clear goals you can end up confused about what you want to achieve, start chasing the next shiny new object and putting yourself on the path to procrastination. Clear goals can give you tremendous momentum and strength your purpose in life. Here are five important tips to help you to define clear goals in your life: 1. Understand what you want to achieve. In order to define clear goals, your first step is to determine exactly what you want to achieve, have the end in mind. If you don't know where you're going, you can't figure out a route to get there. Once you know where you want to be and what you want to achieve, you'll be able to come up with the goals that will help you get there. * Where do you see yourself in 5 years? * Take the time to sit down and brainstorm your long-term dreams and desires. 2. Be specific. Clarify your goals with the details of exactly what you want. Avoid vague generalities. When you make a specific goal, you'll be better able to accomplish it. * Specific goals allow you to form your timeline and define your action steps. There's no guesswork involved when dealing with specifics. * For example, "make more money with your business" is a vague goal. Come up with a specific goal, such as, "I will make $1,000 more per month, three months from today." This goal is specific, measurable, and realistic.. 3. Determine a timeline. Setting timelines will prevent procrastination and get you on to action to meet your goals. Having a timeline for your goals also helps keep you in momentum of taking action. * Organize your goals that you want to meet in a year, and three years from now. * Make a plan that will keep you on track; however, don't etch your plan in stone! Allow for changes along the way, but keep your eye on the main goal. 4. Ensure your goals are realistic. Keep in mind though, we generally over estimate what we can do in a year, we also under estimate what we can do in three years. * Break your long-term goals into small, achievable action steps. Reaching multiple goals along your journey will give you a feeling of accomplishment and motivate you to continue. 5. Review and Refine your goals. Your goals may change as your life changes. Take time to review your goals and refine as needed. It's okay to refine your goals several times in your life. What's important now, might not be important to you six months or six years from now. Be willing to accept change and even plan for it. * Set up a timeline to revisit your goals from time to time and make new plans if necessary. Having a coach to talk through things as they change can really help. Some people stumble through life, unsure of their purpose or what they want to achieve. This doesn't have to be you! Your life will have clear meaning if you put some thought into what's important to you, what goals you want to achieve, and what actions to take to make your dreams a reality. You can do it!

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