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How have you started the new year differently?

woman looking through a magnifying glass

As we are in the very beginning of a new year, I have been thinking a lot on doing things differently. A random list of things I am trying:

  • using a sunrise simulation app instead of an alarm clock

  • playing with a social media scheduler

  • listening to a young YouTuber about his creative process and thinking about what would be useful to adopt myself

  • evaluating my side hustle business model

  • discussing with my family how to best structure the evenings now that we are a household of grown adults - dinner, dishes, diversions (going to the gym, reading, screens, individual hobbies, time with friends)

  • making my bed first thing

  • journaling at night

  • discussing with my husband our morning routine and how it impacts us when we are less than disciplined about it all

I may use this list for future posts. I may not. I am experimenting.

I thought my word for this year is Courage, perhaps a better word is Curious.

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